This video of a simple life hack can save you from ‘damn it’ situations!

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It might happen that you are in a middle of a Skype meeting or watching your favorite YouTuber who uploaded a new content, and you ran out of luck of completing it because the power went down.

If you happen to have some soldering skills and a hang in electronics, then this cool life hack might save you from a long internet disconnectivity in the future.

Check out this video.


THINGS you will NEED:

  • Soldering Iron and wire
  • Wire Cutter
  • Electrical Tape
  • 5V-1A adapter
  • Any Power-Bank
  • Old USB gadget


  • Cut the cord from the old USB gadget as shown in the video
  • You will find 4 wires. Attach it to the power-bank keeping it power ON to determine the 5V and GND
  • Then cut the cord from 5V-1A adapter as shown in the video
  • Join the 5V wire of USB with 5V of adapter and GND of USB with GND of adapter
  • Cover the opening with electrical tapes

Done. Now enjoy uninterrupted internet from your WiFi if there is a black out, provided your power-bank has enough charge left. 😛

Check the video for better understanding!

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