These 3 music can help you to reduce STRESS!

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In this world where people are adapting to the rapid changes, some are lagging behind. Some are trying hard to achieve something in life. The road is not easy. The more you go down the path, the more obstruction you face and it is that moment where you decide whether you should quit or move ahead with the right spirit. But that path cannot be achieved alone. Some force must drive that inner you to focus on what you want to achieve. It can be any personality – living or dead, your family or even, MUSIC.

Music is that one thing that can heal your wound, mend your spirit and motivate you. Whether you are a Coldplay fan or prefer classical songs, there is one kind of music that is universal and can be understood by everyone – INSTRUMENTAL. I am no expert in music, but whenever I hear any good music, I feel it.

Taste for music can vary from one person to another. However, these are some of the music that can help you get relief from stress. So watch these beautiful landscapes, put your earphone on, relax and enjoy. 

PS: I am no mood to say that these are scientifically proven stress relieved songs. :3

#1. Marconi Union – Weightless ~ with Rain Sound and Thunder cover.

Original Track: Marconi Union – Weightless

#2. Airstream – Electra ~ with Rain Sound and Thunder cover.

Original Track: Airstream – Electra

#3. Enya – Watermark ~ with Rain Sound and Thunder cover.

Original Track: Enya – Watermark

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