Save your Money! Make your own Arduino Uno – Part 1

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Since you clicked this, you must be interested to know how can you save your 800 or 1200 INR and make use of 200 INR Uno instead. So in this part 1 of 4 series, we will show you how to make your own Arduino Uno on a breadboard. SUBSCRIBE to our channel if you are interested to know the upcoming videos on this. 

So, let’s begin.

Get to know about Arduino basics!

Are you new to Arduino? No problem. Take your time and have a good read of this article that we have published on our website. Trust me, it will help you to get your base strong.


Gather the components!

Get these items ready.

1. Breadboard (of course) [Buying link of Breadboard]
2. Arduino Uno and Atmega 328PPU (heart of the Uno, the Microcontroller, not a Microprocessor) [Buying link of Uno and Buying link of Atmega328]
3. 16MHz Crystal Oscillator
4. 22pF ceramic capacitor X2
5. 7805 Voltage Regulator
6. 10k Pull Up resistor
7. 100ohm resistor and LED (for pin 13)
​8. Pushbutton (as reset switch)
​9. 2.2uF/10uF electrolytic capacitor
​10. Connecting wires/Jumpers (Male-Male)

Now we are good to go.

Follow this circuit Diagram

We have shown in our video side-by-side simultaneously how to connect the components on the breadboard and on Fritzing. You can have a look at it.

Upload the blinking code!

If you open Arduino IDE, then go to File>Examples>Basics>Blink and upload this code to the Arduino Uno after selecting the correct COM port.

Once you have done that, take out that microcontroller and use it in the Breadboard.

Power it up and done!

After you have connected all the components carefully, use a good battery like Eveready 9V battery for providing power supply. The 7805 will help to convert 9V to 5V to the microcontroller and then you will see the LED blinking.

Simple, isn’t it? If you have enjoyed this tutorial, then don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel. It really helps us to make such more videos for you people and newbies.

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I will catch up with you guys in part 2. Peace! 🙂

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