If you love Coldplay, then listen to these 3 Piano Cover of Coldplay songs!

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Their songs have tried to “fix you” when life doesn’t seem to be fair with you or lifted your spirit by telling that you are “Sky full of Stars”!

For some, Coldplay is not only just a music band, it is meditation. Some of us eagerly wait for the release of their next songs. Chris with his beautiful and unique voice has stolen millions of heart. Fans cheer for them whenever they take the stage. Some songs have embedded deep inside our heart.

This is a playlist of 3 songs from Coldplay with the Piano cover that will simply calm your mind and take you to “Paradise!”

#1. Hymn for the Weekend ~ Piano Cover [YouTuber: Costantino-Carrara]

Watch the video here: Hymn for the Weekend


#2. Something Just Like This ~ Piano Cover [YouTuber: The Theorist]

Watch the video here: Something Just Like This


#3. Fix You ~ Piano Cover [YouTuber: Francesco Parrino]

Watch the video here: Fix You

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