Why do we Indians celebrate ‘Engineer’s Day’ on September 15? Read this to know.

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From the innovation of the wheel to the advanced robots, engineering has given the crucial push to the advance of human innovation. Observing how imperative engineers are for the development of countries, nations around the globe praise the Engineer’s Day. While Russia praises it on December 22, Mexico on July 1 and Italy on June 15, India has stamped September 15 as the National Engineer’s Day. This is on account of to value the commitments […]

Everything you need to know after booking your JioPhone!

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On 24th August 2017, Jio started their booking procedure of India’s cheapest smartphone i.e JioPhone. The booking was open till 26th of August and then company stopped taking more orders because their target was completed by that time. In this two days time, a total of 6 million Jio Phones was booked combining both online method and offline retail. Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani had announced at the time of unveiling the handset that company aims to deliver […]

This video of a simple life hack can save you from ‘damn it’ situations!

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It might happen that you are in a middle of a Skype meeting or watching your favorite YouTuber who uploaded a new content, and you ran out of luck of completing it because the power went down. If you happen to have some soldering skills and a hang in electronics, then this cool life hack might save you from a long internet disconnectivity in the future. Check out this video. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4OLC9ZXEdM[/embedyt] THINGS you will […]

Augmented Reality Wand? Check out Microsoft’s new patent.

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Microsoft uncovered VR motions controllers not long ago, for Mixed Reality headsets, and now it would appear that Microsoft is working on a wand-like controller for augmented reality and HoloLens. A patent documenting, spotted by WalkingCat, uncovers an accessory that resembles a wand and has buttons, a trigger, and a finger guard. It appears to be like Google’s Draw Draw accessory for Google Glass and expands on the controls available with the HoloLens clicker. Microsoft first […]

The ‘BIG’ Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is here! Finally.

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A few hours back, Samsung officially launched the new Galaxy Note 8 with everything pretty much ‘BIG’.  After confronting one of the most disastrous periods in the history of consumer electronics, Samsung was in a tight position when it made a complete recall to all the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which were causing explosions due to poor battery circuit design. The Galaxy Note 8 is here, and Samsung is hopeful that consumers who appreciate the […]

Check out Bitcoin’s rival – Ether!

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If you’ve clicked this article, then it is evident that you have heard about Bitcoin – possibly you’ve even utilized it. Indeed, it has another challenger on the scene that’s got the help and support of some major businesses and organizations. Launched in 2015, Ethereum is picking up the spotlight quickly and its esteem is rising. As per Bitcoin Magazine, in June Ethereum’s cash achieved its most noteworthy value so far of more than $420. […]

Facebook working hard on its futuristic AR smart glasses!

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Facebook is working diligently to ship advanced and futuristic smart glasses that can give you a chance to see virtual objects in the real world. A patent application for a “waveguide display with two-dimensional scanner” was distributed on Thursday by three individuals from the advanced research division of Facebook’s virtual-reality auxiliary, Oculus. The display “may enlarge perspectives of a physical, real-world environment with computer-generated elements” and “might be incorporated into an eye-wear involving a frame […]

Python | Tutorial 9 | Tuple

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In the previous tutorial, we covered the part 2 of Exception and discussed finally statement, raise exception and assertion. In this tutorial, we will be covering tuple. Let’s get started. SUBSCRIBE to our channel if you haven’t. 🙂 [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T9mEcJAuWY[/embedyt] As you know, List is an object that is used to store an indexed list of items. A Tuple is an inbuilt function in Python that is very similar to a list except that they […]

How will GST affect consumer electronics?

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Soon after the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was approved in the Lok Sabha, the GST Council has now cleared framework rules to shed more light on finer details related to the rates that will be applicable to different goods and services. GST being a new indirect tax reform will bring drastic and huge changes in our economy. Under GST, India would become a common marketplace & drive uniformity and also reduce compliance cost. It will lead […]

Rediscover the Original Pokémon Series in HD!

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Put on those trainer gears, grab your Pokéball and start your journey of Pokémon once again! It’s time to rediscover the original season 1 of the most loved Anime series Pokémon in High Definition. Yes, now you can watch the Pokémon Indigo League in HD and feel nostalgic as Ash starts his journey to become a Pokémon master with his buddy Pikachu along with Brock and Misty in the Kanto region. Watch the entire Pokémon The Series today on iTunes, […]