Which language you should study first?

There has always been confusion among students when it comes to programming. Sometimes they don’t know which one to start with. Programming is a such a wonderful creation that it made possible for you to see this very post on your mobile or PC very easily. So before heading into software and programming, let us suggest you which one you should study first if you want to be a very versatile programmer.

1. C : The father of all programming languages. Make your base strong as this language helps to run Kernel, Drivers and even your OS on your PC.
2. C++ : The base of Object Oriented Programming language, however Smalltalk is the perfect OOP. If you learn it well, then Java will be a piece of cake.
3. Python : The King of high-level programming language. It is extremely friendly and reliable because of its simple syntax and accessing many libraries.
4. Java : The dominating language of 21st century. A friend without whom our IT industry is as dead as a barren land.
5. C# : A multi-paradigm programming language developed by Microsoft. It is based on C and C++. So if your base is strong, this one will be fun to learn.
6. PHP : A server scripting language, a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. As a prerequisite, basic concept of MySQL is necessary.
7. HTML : The most widely used language on Web to develop web pages. So if you wish to be a web developer, then get on with it.
8. Javascript : Another full-fledged dynamic language like PHP in providing dynamic interactivity on websites but here HTML and OOP knowledge is required.
9. Swift : A multi-paradigm, compiled and flexible programming language created for iOS and OS X apps that builds on the best of C and Objective-C.
10. Ruby : A dynamic, OOP language having features like Perl and Python, used for developing web applications and stepping stone to Ruby on Rails.

Many will not agree with this sequence. Rest assured, everyone will get a good understanding and concept of some of the programming languages we will be covering here.


Big Data

The modern ‘database management system’. Not any ordinary 100 lines of data from excel, but petabytes of data to be processed for business and data analysis. Without it, any business or company is blind and deaf!


Python is one of the most demanding languages at present and it has grown a lot over the last 10 years. If you want to implement it in Image Processing or web applications, then click here to explore Python.