Who was Nikola Tesla?

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1. This Croatian-born engineer spoke eight languages: Serbian, English, Czech, German, French, Hungarian, Italian and Latin. He could memorize an entire book because of his photographic memory, had an amazing ability to visualize even the most complex pieces of machinery and the guy did advanced calculus and physics equations in his ‘mysterious’ head!


2. Tesla used to work at Edison’s lab when he came to America with few cents in his pocket. He was offered by Edison an amount that’s equivalent to some million Dollar at present to design DC Generator and Motor. He did it but when he asked for the money, Edison laughed and said, “You don’t understand our American Humor!” Tesla decided to quit his job so that he can make his AC Generator. Tesla not only succeeded in it, but it changed the world. Yes, today all your homes appliances run on Tesla’s AC.


3. We know that Marconi was rewarded with Nobel Prize for inventing the radio. But Tesla deserved this. When Marconi became famous and Tesla was asked about it, his response was “Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using 17 of my Patents.” But little he knew that Marconi would turn out to be his ‘Doomsday’! We’ll tell you that later.


4. Robert A. Watson- Watt was credited with the invention of Radar in 1935 but it was unfortunate for Tesla that this very Radar idea wasn’t credited to him just because of one person- Edison. Yes, Tesla came up with Radar, but Edison being the R&D Head for US Navy managed to convince that it had no practical application. Damn you Edison. Tesla also discovered X-rays but Wilhelm Rontgen was credited.


5. Tesla was famous for his clean energy project where he generated hydroelectricity for the first time from Niagara waterfall. He also single-handedly invented electrical generators, neon lights, remote control.


6. Once, while Tesla was working on magnetic resonance, he discovered the resonant frequency of the Earth and caused an earthquake so powerful that it almost floored the 5th Avenue New York building. Tesla had to smash his device with a sledge-hammer to prevent it from demolishing an entire city block and everyone says that earthquake is an Act-of-God. Hmmm… Interesting!


7. Tesla first detected radio waves from outer space and encouraged Radio Astronomy but almost everyone turned a deaf ear.


8. Have you heard about ball lightning? Well, it’s a lightning in the form of a sphere carrying 60 million volts that hover few feet above the ground and an extremely rare phenomenon. Tesla made it possible, and also created a 130-foot long lightning bolt from one of his massive coils (an achievement which to this day remains the world record for man-made lightning). But one of his most freaking, mysterious and controversial inventions was his Atomic Death Ray which generated a gigantic beam of ionized particles capable of disintegrating aircraft from 200 miles away, melting tanks and what not!


9. Tesla was prone to nervous breakdowns, claimed to receive weird visions in the middle of the night and occasionally thought he was receiving some sort of electromagnetic signals from extraterrestrials on Mars. He hated round objects, anything that wasn’t divisible by 3 and scared of pearls. Once his secretary wore pearl jewelry and he sent her back home for that day. Weird!


10. Tesla’s one of the most famous works which failed very badly that lead him to broke was his gigantic Wardenclyffe Tesla Tower that would have housed the largest Tesla coil ever built where he would transmit wireless energy over the long distance. In order to stay ahead of Marconi who was using Tesla’s ideas to grab potential investors on long distance radio, Tesla decided to increase the transmission power but his business partner J.P. Morgan refused to lend additional funds. Plus Tesla’s friend Stanford White, who was working on designing structures for the project, calculated that a 600-foot tower would cost $450,000. So the idea had to be scrapped.

Special Mention: He was celibate for his entire life i.e. he never married because he believed it would distract him from his work. He said he finds peace in his lab. Good decision Sir.

In spite of being so famous and freaking genius, his life was a miserable one. His final days were spent on milk and biscuits and in love with a pigeon. In 1943, he died alone in his New York Hotel. He held 700 patents at the time of his death. There were very little hard copies of Tesla’s invention since most of that was in his head. Still, J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI confiscated all his personal stuff and locked it away anyways, just to be safe. It is true that certain things should never be invented.

Nikola Tesla was one of those super-geniuses who can be placed between ‘great scientific mind’ and ‘utter madness’. He was a man way ahead of his time. Sometimes he hallucinated and couldn’t differentiate between reality and imaginations.


Some people believe that he must have some sort of contact with bulk beings who are an advanced civilization than us, roaming out there in some other galaxy and they are dictating him with such ideas for our human civilization growth. For us, he was a descendant of the ‘God of Light’. In spite of such contribution, most of the people at present doesn’t know about him.

Why was his name erased from our childhood books and how that dumbass Edison made it? It’s very debatable and I urge every teacher, parents and any senior out there to share it and tell the students and coming generations about Tesla. He was the best.

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