Bluetooth Controlled Lamp using Arduino

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If you want to make a simple Bluetooth Controlled Lamp but don’t know how to start, then you have come to the right place. Let’s get on with it!

First, let us list down the components.

The detailed description of the components is given in the video. Do have a look.

1. Arduino UNO
2. 12V or 5V Relay Module
3. Power Source board
4. HC-05 Bluetooth Module
5. Jumpers
6. Wall socket plugs

  • Step 1 : Make the App


Firstly you will have to make the app for controlling it.

1. Search MIT App Inventor 2 in Google
2. Sign in with your Google Account
3. Select ‘New Project‘ and give ‘Project Name

Now, follow the rest of the steps on how to make this app in the video given above. You will see that first we have made the layout and then we have done the algorithm.

  • Step 2: Install the App and upload the code to Arduino

After you have completed step 1, save and build it.

Save it in desktop as .apk file.

Transfer the app to your mobile and install it. CHECK THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION FOR CODE AND APK FILE WE MADE.

  • Step 3: Make the circuit!

So are you ready? Let’s begin with the circuit!


Check the diagram above. You can also follow the step in the video. I am chalking out the steps briefly here also.

Connect the followings:

1. VCC of HC-05 => 5V pin of UNO
2. GND of HC-05 => GND of UNO [1. and 2. to power the Bluetooth Module]
3. Tx of HC-05 => Rx of UNO

4. Rx of HC-05 => Tx of UNO
5. 5V pin from Power Source Board => Vin pin of UNO
6. GND from Power Source Board => another GND of UNO [5. and 6. to power the UNO which in turn would power Bluetooth Module]
7. pin 10 of UNO => pin 2 of Relay Board

8. VCC of Relay Board => 12V pin of Power Source Board
9. GND of Relay Board => GND pin of Power Source Board

  • Step 4: Time to test your circuit!

1. Open your mobile settings.
2. Open Bluetooth and turn ON.
3. Pair with HC-05 by default pin ID 1234 (if it gives an error, try with 0000)
4. Open the app, select Bluetooth device : HC-05.
5. If the label shows ‘connected‘, then it is done. Touch ON and OFF button and see the result!

Enjoy your Bluetooth Controlled Lamp! 🙂

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