Things you need to know about Andromeda OS by Google

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In this article, we are going to brief out one of the hot topics in Tech field and that is Google’s latest OS.

Talking about OS, everyone has 3 words in their mind – Windows, Mac and Linux. These 3 have been with us for so many years but now it’s time for another OS to hit the market and that is Andromeda OS by Google.

Before going to this, let us highlight few terms related to Google’s OS.

1. Google announced about releasing its own OS in July 2009 and it hit the market with the name Chrome OS. It is based on Linux kernel. In this OS both the applications and user data will reside on cloud and hence it primarily runs web applications.


2. The next term is Chromebook which is the laptop running on Chrome OS. These machines are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet. As a result, these clamshells don’t have a ton of onboard storage, but they don’t have very large price tags, either.

Ok now coming back to Andromeda OS. Two independent reliable sources 9to5Google and Android Police said that Google is expected to debut this hybrid OS at the company’s upcoming hardware event on October 4 but it didn’t. 😛

First point: How did it get its name? Well pretty simple. Android+Chrome= Andromeda. They are going to release this OS in the laptop which is officially codenamed ‘Bison‘ and nicknamed ‘Pixel3‘.

Second point: Many of you have heard about Google’s Fuchsia OS but Andromeda is completely different from the company’s Fuchsia OS, which is focused on Internet-of-Thing (IoT) devices. So don’t get confused.


Now before we proceed, we would like to say that Bison’s specifications are very much subject to change. Given it is a year or more from its planned release, Bison could evolve substantially or even be canceled. Right now, rumored specs suggest the following specifications of Bison:

1. It’s an ultra thin laptop with 12.3inch display with a ‘tablet‘ mode accompanied by Wacom stylus.

2. Powered by Intel M3 Processor or an Intel Core i5.

3. As most of the user’s data will be on the cloud, so it will have 32/128GB of storage and 8/16GB of RAM.

4. It is expected to have two USB-C ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers, a backlit keyboard, quad microphones, a glass trackpad, and a battery that lasts around 10 hours.

5. Finally the price! Bison is expected to hit the market with $799 which is 53100 in Indian currency. The Wacom stylus would be sold separately, and Google is aiming for a retail launch in Q3 2017.

So these are the stuff you need to know and we have managed to present it as briefly as possible. 🙂

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