This is how to can stay safe from WannaCrypt, biggest ransomware attack ever!

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When computers across the world were hit by a major ransomware attack over the weekend, pandemonium ensued. WannaCrypt, as it is called, is targeting both end users as well as corporate servers, locking them down and extorting an unlock fee from the victims. The worst part is how the malware used a vulnerability in Windows to spread the infection among unpatched systems. This news has been over the internet for the last couple of days. Let’s take a […]

ISRO’s First Human Space Flight! Soon to be a reality?

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In the last 10 years, ISRO has put many feathers in the cap of Indian space research. After the last massive launch of 110 satellites all in one go, they are planning something big. This research is going on at full throttle in their labs. This is the best what space enthusiasts of India can dream of. ISRO is on a mission and is working on the country’s first launch vehicle that may indeed be […]

Signs of Alien life on Saturn’s Moon?

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It might look like a frozen wasteland, but beneath the inhospitable surface of Saturn’s satellite Enceladus, life could be thriving in warm underground seas. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has picked up the first evidence that chemical reactions are happening deep below the ice which could be creating an environment capable of supporting microbes a.k.a. life. Liquid ocean exists miles below the surface on Enceladus, so to find out what is happening in the underground seas, scientists must […]

Robots will take your JOB from you! It’s already happening.

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When it’s April, every employee expects promotion or increment in the corporate world. Well, people should start thinking about their jobs, rather than increment. Forget promotion. The extent to which robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous industry are advancing, it looks like in the coming 35-40 years there won’t be job for more than 50% of the people, according to McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the number 1 private-sector think tank in the world (2016). They also […]

Jio Prime Registration extended! Jio Unlimited Data For 3 Months Again !!

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Today, 31st March was the deadline of Jio free data. It was told previously that from 1st April onward, the service will not be free. The user has to recharge their Jio number to get the services. But today in a press conference, Jio announced that there will be a JIO SUMMER SURPRISE OFFER where users will get 3 MONTHS FREE UNLIMITED INTERNET SERVICE. ( Read Below ) The main points are as follows: JIO SUMMER […]

This board will take your Pi audio project to a whole new level!

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Music enriches our daily life and if you love to listen to music, then you do want a good sound system. As a developer working with Pi, you have worked with the audio port but it doesn’t fulfill your expectation. Then come and meet the pisound that will bring your audio projects to a whole new level! pisound is an ultra-low latency high-quality soundcard and MIDI interface specially designed for Raspberry Pi. It is equipped […]

Save your Money! Make your own Arduino Uno – Part 1

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Since you clicked this, you must be interested to know how can you save your 800 or 1200 INR and make use of 200 INR Uno instead. So in this part 1 of 4 series, we will show you how to make your own Arduino Uno on a breadboard. SUBSCRIBE to our channel if you are interested to know the upcoming videos on this.  So, let’s begin. Get to know about Arduino basics! Are you […]

Python Tutorial 5 : range, List, List operations, List Functions

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In the previous tutorial, we discussed if-else, for and while loop. We are back to cover the range as specified in the previous tutorial, list, its operation, and functions. So let’s begin. DO CHECK THIS VIDEO! The range function creates a sequential list of numbers. For example, num = range(10) print num -> [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9] Here all the integers are printed up to 9. If the range is called with one argument say range(5), then it […]

Python Tutorial 4: if-else, for, while loop

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In the previous tutorial, we discussed variable, string and string operations. In this one, you know from the title that we will talk about conditional loops. So let’s begin. The first one is if loop, where you can run if statement if a certain condition holds True, else they aren’t. Now, remember that Python uses indentation (i.e. the blank spaces) in order to delimit the blocks of code. This is equivalent to using the curly […]

Python Tutorial 3 : Variables, String and String Operations

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In the previous tutorial, we discussed data types, some basic arithmetic operations, and type conversion. In this one, we are going to talk about variables, strings and it’s operations. So let’s begin! In any programming language, variable plays a crucial role and Python is no exception. A variable allows you to store a value which can be used later in a program. Variables can be reassigned as many times as you want. The best thing […]