If you love Coldplay, then listen to these 3 Piano Cover of Coldplay songs!

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Their songs have tried to “fix you” when life doesn’t seem to be fair with you or lifted your spirit by telling that you are “Sky full of Stars”! For some, Coldplay is not only just a music band, it is meditation. Some of us eagerly wait for the release of their next songs. Chris with his beautiful and unique voice has stolen millions of heart. Fans cheer for them whenever they take the stage. Some […]

How to Undo Sent Email in Gmail

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Gmail has over 1 Billion monthly active users. One fourth of the total mail service are sent through Gmail and it is getting bigger and bigger with every passing day. Every minute, for every thousand of mails sent to users, one must be wrongly delivered. The sender may have clicked send button unintentionally. And once the wrong message is out it can’t be rolled back in most cases. But you can tweak some settings to get this […]

These 3 music can help you to reduce STRESS!

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In this world where people are adapting to the rapid changes, some are lagging behind. Some are trying hard to achieve something in life. The road is not easy. The more you go down the path, the more obstruction you face and it is that moment where you decide whether you should quit or move ahead with the right spirit. But that path cannot be achieved alone. Some force must drive that inner you to focus […]

Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard has Fingerprint Reader!

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Microsoft unveiled its “Modern Keyboard” which has a unique fingerprint scanner incorporated in it. The Modern Keyboard is the successor to the Surface Keyboard and appears to be indistinguishable with slim, low-profile design and aluminium top case. The main changes are the fingerprint reader and utility of a cable for a wired connection rather than a wireless. Microsoft has integrated the fingerprint reader into the second Windows key on the right-hand side of the keyboard, and […]

Python | Tutorial 8 | Exception – Part 2

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In the previous tutorial, we discussed part 1 of our exception tutorial where we told what is an exception and how to handle it. In this final part, we will be covering the additional sections regarding the exception. Let’s get started. Till now, we came to know that while performing exception handling, your program terminates whenever you encounter any sort of error. Now, in order to ensure some code runs no matter what errors occur, […]

Facebook celebrates GIF’s 30th birthday!

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A very happy birthday to the GIF! The admired file format turns 30 today, and Facebook is ready to include a couple GIF-related features to its platform. FB users could as of now post GIFs in status updates. However, from June 15th, you’ll now have the chance to include GIFs in Facebook comment sections, enabling you to seek through and select from a list of significant documents in that spot in the social network’s interface. […]

Spider-Man in PS4 coming in 2018 – Trailer launched!

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Sony showed a ton of new titles for the PS4 at its big E3 press conference in Los Angeles. While the company didn’t announce a new hardware, but that doesn’t mean the show was disappointing. They concluded its E3 presentation with Insomniac’s Spider-Man. Yes. It’s finally here Spider-Man fans! THE SPIDER-MAN PS4 trailer uncovered at the Sony E3 conference session affirmed some real plot subtle elements for their new exclusive title. Watch the INSANE gameplay […]

Lenovo announced $179 Moto E4 Plus with 5000mAh battery!

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Lenovo has disclosed the official specifics on its new entry-level Moto phones – Moto E4 and E4 Plus. As supposed, the E4 Plus is accompanied with a 5,000 mAh battery and a 5.5-inch HD screen. The organization asserts that battery can last about two days without charge, which is something we’ll need to test ourselves when we find the opportunity. The E4 Plus is likewise furnished with the following specs: 13-MP rear camera 5-MP front camera […]

Microsoft’s Xbox One X arriving on November for $499!

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Following quite a while of speculation, Microsoft released its “Venture Scorpio” gaming console today, and it’s authoritatively named Xbox One X. Microsoft is aiming to dispatch the Xbox One X on November 7th around the world, valued at $499. All current Xbox One accessories will chip away at the new Xbox One X, nearly all current Xbox 360 backward titles and Xbox One games. Microsoft wants to utilize “super testing” on the One X to […]

Scientists worry as 36 whales washed up west coast in 2 years!

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A month ago, a worldwide gathering of  Marine scholars and biologists presented a report to the International Whaling Commission, Slovenia, highlighting a disturbing hike in the number of whales washing shorewards to India’s west coast over the most recent two years. The report referred to 16 occurrences of whale mortality along the west drift in 2015, trailed by 20 in 2016. This was colossally more than in any year in the vicinity of 2001 and […]